Wednesday, 5 March 2014

200 word introduction on '12 years of slave'

I think 12 years of slave is a very good, and emotional movie. It is names the best film picture of 2014 for oscars. Its Steve McQueens third picture film that he directed. The movie is based on a book. More information about the movie. Solomon northup is a Musician that plays the violen in New York and loves him family as his family loves him, One night after his show he was kidnapped and sold for slavery. There were many other black people in slavery as well. The white people basically owned them. The white people were rich, and they were very cruel to the black people, and left them with minimum and water. They wood slap them, punch them and whip them. They were told to do what they say or they shall be whips 100 times. I advice you to watch this movie, as it has already made $140 million. Solomon northup worked on plantation in Louisiana for 12 years before the release. I'm quiet sad that they did that to the other rase because i think it is unfair. I really want to see this movie because i think it is important to know about this history in the 1800's

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  1. Nice intro Sophia I liked how you did it but on the fourth line you did a mistake at the end of line 4. But I still like what you did about the movie of 12 hours a slave theres a lot of stuff about the movie