Wednesday, 19 March 2014


Edited version
A little red hen found a wheat seadShe decided to plant it. She asked a cat, a fox, and a pig to help her
''I can't help'' said the cat.
''I'm too busy'' answered the fox.
''I've got too much to do'' replied the pig.                  into         covered                  grew
The little red hen dug a hole. She dropped the seed in to it. She cover it. The seed grow into a fine stalk of wheat. The little red hen reaped the wheat. She grinded it into flower  (flour). She mixed this with water in a bowl and made dough. She put this into a baking dish. She put the dish into the oven. When the loaf was baked, she didn't share the bread with the cat, fox, and pig. She and her chick eat (ate) it. They asked her how it tasted. She told them it was delicious.

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  1. You picked up most of the errors. There is one grammar (tense) error in this sentence that you missed: She grinded it into flower (flour). Also, remember commas before you close speech marks if there is a tagline.