Thursday, 20 March 2014


  1. It's about time you showed up! √
  2. It was its first time out of the cage. √
  3. Its feet were covered with sand. √
  4. Get up, it's time for school. √
  5. I’m glad to see you; it's been a long time.√
  6. It's important to study hard for tests. √
  7. The bear protected its cubs. √
  8. It's my turn to go down the slide. √
  9. The dog felt great with its new hair cut. √
  10. It's too late to eat dinner. √
  11. My car is old and its paint is peeling. √
  12. The bird realised that the wind had blown its nest away. √
  13. The game came to its conclusion. √
  14. Turn down the music, it's hurting my ears. √


  1. Well done. Did you do a chore video?

  2. Yes. It was just late because the sound wouldn't work on youtube