Thursday, 10 April 2014

Khan academy

Salman Khan not only teaches his class of 30 but millions of students around the world, his website Khan academy has hit over 400 million views on all of his videos. His videos are on his site and on youtube with simple videos at every level. 

Famous Fan Bill Gaetes, One of the smartest and richest man alive says his videos has helped very much with his daughter. Bill Gaetes rang Salman Khan to send him on a plane to Seattle. He gave him a $15 million Fund to help him build new software with hired people.

Khan academy now famous online has over 3000 lessons and 3 degrees on MIT. To make a video he works on his tiny office with a digital black board and a microphone. He is the most watched teacher, and he not only teacher maths and every type of level but he also has videos on history, Biology, science ect. Khan has so many videos if you watched one every day it would take over 8 years to watch them all!

 He started in 2004 when his 7th grade cousin needed help on addition in math, He made a video for her and put it on Youtube, He started getting astonishing comments and people praying for him and telling him to make more videos, He still had a job working as a Hedge fund analyser, But with his videos going so great and even as a none profit, He quite his job in 2009.

He says with humor that he doest need to look good on his videos which he says is a great thing. Him and his  crew says that they're always collecting data, looking at comments and trying to make khan academy even better and making education easier for teachers and students around the world. 

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