Monday, 23 June 2014

Scam letter

Summarise who this letter is from, who it is to, and what it is about.

This letter is not from an actual person. 'Mrs. Maria Fernandez' is a scam. The letter is basically telling you, If you have lost any money from a scam. You can then contact her and she will give you US $1,300,000.00. if you pay her $250.00 for the ownership paper works. This is NOT real, some people aren't very intelligent and they fall for it. You will pay the $250 and not get anything in return.

What are 2 reasons you know that this letter is a scam.

First of all, it is too good to be true. Nobody would give you 1,300,000.00. for just $250 in return.

Secondly it is kind of obvious that it is a scam because how would 'Maria' get the money to you without you telling her where you live or where to send it to, that would be a bit dodgy telling something you don't even know your address, bank account details etc.

Give 3 pieces of evidence (excerpts of sentences) that prove that this letter is a scam.

  • I have finally received my compensation funds of US$1,300,000.00. Moreover
  • So I am advising you to contact Mrs. Maria Farnandez ( for your own money including the money you lost or you can as well call her on her direct telephone number (+234-9094654395) please take it very serious.
  • The only Money I paid after I meet with Mrs. Maria Farnandez was just $250.00 for the ownership paper works.
Describe a scam or prank you have heard about or been subject to.

I have had a few experiences with pranks/scams. Most of them are at school when I go onto websites etc for school. For example, enter your details here to win a new iPad. You are the 1,000,000 person on this website, click here to win 1,000 dollars. Also a couple of weeks ago we got a phone call from someone from a different country, I think they sounded indian. They said to us that our windows computer had broken down but we don't have one. This is a scam because they try to get you to download a software so they can see everything that your doing.

Give 5 pieces of advice for people to avoid internet or email based scams.
You can look up advice to avoid scams on the internet.

  • Don't believe anything if it's too good to be true
  • Don't give any bank details over the internet, if you DON'T know who it is, it may be a scam.

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