Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Maori gods

1. Who is Ranginui?

Father sky

2. Who is Papatuanuku?

Mother earth

3. Who is the Maori god of the forests?

Tāne Mahuta

4. Who is the Maori god of the winds?


5. Who is the Maori god of war?


6. Who is the Maori god of the sea?


7. Find a link to the Maori story of creation about Ranginui and Papatuanuku.

The sky (Rangi) cohabited with the earth (Papa), who was the wife of the sea (Tangaroa). She was seduced by the sky. They had a child whom they called Tānenui-a-rangi (Tāne, great of the heavens). … The family thereupon decided that the sun should be allowed to shine through the armpit of the sky. Tānenui-a-rangi said, ‘The sun shines above’. He then said, ‘Let us raise our father above and leave the female, Papa, as our parent’. They joined in and said, ‘Raise him up, separate the two. Let the female be set apart, let the male be set apart so that we may prosper in the world’. The sky was then raised above. Hence, the sky stands above and the earth lies below.

8. Summarise the story of creation in 10 words.

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