Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Fixing puncuation

It was a monday morning, I just got woken up by my mum to get ready for school. I got out of bed and reached down for my uniform but it wasn't there. I looked under my bed, under my pillows but I couldnt find my uniform anywhere. 
"Kaidin have you gotten in the shower yet?" 
"No mum, I cant find my uniform." 
"Well you better find it quick or you will be going to school in your onesie."
"But mum I cant find it anywhere, It’s like its just disappeared."
"Oh sure, just like all your other stuff huh? 
Kaidin I got a note to go to school with you to say that my uniform is lost and that I have to wear mufti just for today. This was a pain because every teacher I walked past asked why I'm in mufti and where my uniform is. I just showed them the note and moved on. When I got home I went to go grab my iPod from where I always put it. I looked and that wasn't there either. I yelled out to my mum Mum, 
"have you seen my iPod?" 
"No, but do you know where you last put it?" 
"Mum if I knew where I last put it, do you think i'd be asking you where it is?" "Sorry just trying to help." 
Thought to myself that I'd try to find it later so I run into my room to go on my PS3, but surprise surprise it’s not there.
"Oh what now kaidin" 
"I know what you're up to mischief, tell me where all my stuff is!"
"Kaidin, do you really think I would hide your uniform away from you so you would go to school in your onesise?"
"Now what’s gone missing now is my PS3, the whole thing, the controller is here but not my HDMI cable, power cord or my Elgato."
 I really couldn't be bothered looking for all my stuff because it will take me hours. I just thought of going for a bike ride, I walk outside to get my bike and I couldn't believe it. My bike had no tyres. By this time I've had enough, I went up to my mum and said, "Mum, I know you’ve put all my stuff somewhere, please can I have it back," "Kaidin I have hidden your stuff away, would you like to get it back?" "Yes, where is it where is it where is it!" "Right here, my mum led me to her bedroom where my stuff was, all scatterd around the room. My PS3, the power cord, the HDMI, my Elgato, my iPod. Was under her drawers, and my bike tyres were under Liams bed. And  my uniform was in my muns drawers. "Okay, thanks Mum for hiding my stuff," "thats okay I'll do it again sometime," "hahaha, yeah right."

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