Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Rotational Symmetry Label

  1. In your own words explain what rotational symmetry is.
Rotational symmetry is where you can lift up a shape and rotate it so that it can fit back perfectly in the same position as the starting position, but a full rotation is not included as the rotational symmetry.

b. How is rotational symmetry different from line symmetry?
Line symmetry, also known as reflection symmetry is where an image is symmetrical to the other side. The reflection does not have a certain direction, it can go, up, down, side ways, or even diagonally. Rotation symmetry is a little bit different the turning point is always from the centre, it doesn't have to be identical to any other side. It has to be changed by a rotation to be the same as the starting point. 

c. What do you do to check if a shape has rotational symmetry?
You place a pin in the shapes central point and rotate it until it can fit back to the starting point perfectly without turning the full rotation. If it can not fit back perfectly on one of the rotations, it does not have rotational symmetry. 

d. Find pictures of 3 real life objects which have rotational symmetry (not shapes, objects e.g. foods, logos) and paste them into your post
Complete this table

Quiz: 80%

Symmetry art- Order of 5

Degrees of rotation to match its shape

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