Friday, 5 July 2013

Rimu homework

I completed another rimu homework challenge under giving, the task is to join a first aid club or a surf life saving club or similar. This season I joined a surf life saving club. We train a lot for competitions and nationals (oceans 13) as you get older and get more experienced you are aloud to do rookies at a certain age which is where you train to be a life guard. At 15 years old you are aloud to be a official life guard and sit in the tour at mount surf club and monitor the beach. At 16 years old you are aloud to get your quad bike license and drive on the beach. In Summer I train 3 days after school for an hour and a half. In the weekend I train on saturday for 2 hours. In the summer holidays I train everyday for 2 hours which all leads up to be a life guard which i'm going to do when im older. Sometimes in training we paddle from mount surf club, out to leaser island and jump off the blow hole which is this massive rock on the end of leaser island. We train really hard each session and compete on lots of competitions in summer including oceans 13 which is national held at mount beach which is a huge advantage for me because i go to mount surf club.

Here are some photos of me training\ competing:

Mount surf club training at Pilot bay

Training at Pilot bay and having a group talk

Wave play (do anything you want on your board or swimming) at Pilot bay

Me doing board at Pilot bay

Me competing in oceans 13 for sprints

Me competing in oceans 13 for cameron relay (board, swim, run)

Me competing in club champs for board

Me competing in board for Easton regionals

Competing in board for Wahi beach competitions

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