Saturday, 6 July 2013

Rimu homework challenges

Research Rimu:
  • Where do you find it 
  • Why is it important to Maori 
  • What uses does it have 
  • Why is Rimu the best tree in the school 

Where do you find it?
Rimu trees are only found in New Zealand. They are spread out through the country from the north island all through to stewart island. 

Why is it important to Maori?
The rimu tree is important to maoris because in the olden days they used the rimu's recourses for medicine. One of the recourses of the rimu tree is the bitter gum, It is used to stop bleeding from the wounds and stoppes severe attack of bleeding from the lungs. the other recourse is the rimu trees inner bark. The inner bark is applied to burns and scalds and acts as a styptic. The Maoris found the rimu trees very helpful when they were ill or unwell. 

What uses does it have?
There are lots of uses of the rimu trees wood, the rimu trees wood helps for furniture and house construction. They used the wood from the trees that had fallen and made carving and other various wood objects. They also found the rimu's inner bark and bitter gum very useful when they were unwell. 

Why is rimu the best tree in the school?
Rimu is the best tree in the school because it have so much natural quality's like its wood. The rimu trees wood is a very strong and trusted wood. It standes out for me because it towers over all the trees and it is useful for many various ways like medicine, furniture and house construction for the rimu trees wood. 

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