Thursday, 29 May 2014

Car thieves convocation

Write a dialogue about 2 car thieves stealing a car in NZ which relates to the content in this article. 

This morning we read a article on NZ most stolen cars and had to write a dialogue 

Renee: Soph, we need to do this quickly and quietly so we can get out of here and back home, and don't be dull.

Me: yeh, ok so you think we should go for that Nissan skyline over there?

Renee: uh duh do you know how much security it will have

Me: um I'm not dumb of corse i do  but it looks nice though right?

Renee: Not dumb? hahaha your funny, how about that Masda premise

Sophia: Lets just get on with it and thats a nanas car there's no way I'm stealing that piece of junk.

Renee: I don't want it either but it's easy to steal, and we'll only have it for a bit and then well dump it

Me: fine I guess so

Renee: k. you get the hot wire then and we'll get started up

Sophia: owww i burnt my self

Renee: on what, could you get any dumber

Sophia: yeah probably

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