Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Google person of the day Q & A

Write 10 questions and answers for the google person of the day.

Q. Who is the google person of the week?
A. Marry anning

Q. When was she born?
A. 21st May 1799

Q. What nationality is marry?
A. British

Q. What is marry's occupation?
A. Fossil collector, dealer & palaeontologist

Q. Where did marry search for fossils?
A. Blue lias cliffs

Q. What season does the landslide exposes new fossils
A.  Winter

Q. What year did she nearly loss her life
A. 1833

Q. Did the landslide she nearly died in kill her dog?
A. Yes

Q. How old was she when her & her brother correctly identified the first ichthyosaur skeleton?
A. 12

Q.  What is marry's brothers name
A. Joseph

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