Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Rimu is the best syndicate at TIS.

Rimu is the best syndicate at TIS because we work hard. Firstly, we get rewards for our hard work. For example in room 42 we have a system that if you do something good you get a red ticket. It then go's in the draw to get 1 of 3 chocolate bars, this makes the class on task and on our best behaviour. Secondly, we not only work hard in academics but in sport, PE and fitness as well. As Rimu is a very sporty house, students work extra hard in all strands of school life. An example of this is that we do it every single day for at least 20 minutes so we are sure to get our fitness level up and improve in different areas of sport. Lastly, we not only help the people in our own house but also others around the school. Room 42 is using there computer skills to there advantage by making library quizzes for the other kids.

Overall Rimu is arguably the best syndicate at TIS because we work hard.

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